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Hey everyone. So I was kind of excited because I have been using and raving about Genesis 950 for over a year now. I have stood by this product from the first time I used it and swear by it. It is the best - no really - THE BEST carpet cleaner I have ever used. I was so excited because a friend of mine who I had suggested it to forwarded me this link: It's a review of the product. It just further goes to prove I wasn't just rambling! YAY I just had to share this because I was so excited to be using it before other people even knew about it. Hopefully this will make it easier to find in stores!!!
Category: Carpet Post By: JUDITH COOPER (Aurora, CO), 02/02/2019

I looked over the review, are you using it in a walk behind extractor?

- NICHOLAS COOPER (McAllen, TX), 03/18/2019

I use it in a Bissell ProHeat cleaner. I put the solution in the container for the formula. The machine has settings for heavy - light traffic and I set it on heavy the first time I go over it. Before I used the 950 I would use light because the Bissell solution I was buying for the cleaner was so expensive that when cleaning on heavy it would use all the solution before I was able to complete the room. By putting it on light I was able to stretch out the bottle of the Bissell solution to make it last. The formula container uses a lot of the solution when it is on heavy and if I did it that way with the Bissell formula I would have to use a couple bottles for one room. With the 950 I can get a gallon container at a reasonable price which allows me to clean on a heavy traffic setting and I have plenty of cleaning solution for the entire room with lots to spare. After I go over the room with the steamer and the 950 solution, I go over it a second time just using water. I go really slow with it and it sucks everything up. Somehow the 950 completely pulls everything out of the carpet. I will also go over the carpet and just extract what has been released. I do this until the water being pulled out is clear. Sometimes it takes a while because the 950 pulls so much dirt out of the carpet that the water being pulled out is just black and dirty forever. I've never seen anything clean so well and it amazes me at how dirty the carpet really is.

- JASON HARRIS (Decatur, IL), 04/01/2019

I have had a lot of success with Room Shocker to help get rid of carpet odors. It's super easy to use and works great. Since you are a professional cleaner I am sure odors are a problem you encounter. I just thought you might be interested. You can find out more at

- NICHOLAS COOPER (Jackson, MS), 04/13/2019

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