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Hello, I am new to the forum, and I am pretty sure this is where I need to be to post my problem. If it isn't, I apologize. My problem started 2 days ago, when my washing machine flooded and the water got halfway into my basement suite. We had the drain covered because we were having spider issues prior. My landlord was supposed to have fixed this washing machine overflowing problem months ago, so I thought covering the drain would be fine. Well it happened again, and we discovered that half of our place was flooded with water. I immediately went and uncovered the drain and some of the water went down. Because of sloping in our suite, the majority of the water went into our bedroom and the corner of our living room. The only tools we had were a snow shovel and a broom, so we worked for a few hours trying to get most of the water down the drain. After that, there wasnt much we could do until morning because we did not have a wet vac. My hubby went early the next morning and bought one and we got the majority of the water out of the carpet, and now there is a terrible musty odor from it. Our living room is dry now, but our bedroom is still quite damp. Should I take the wet vac to it again? I don't want to tell my landlord because I am afraid he will either get really mad, or evict us which we cannot afford to move at this time. We can basically kiss our damage deposit goodbye which we would need to move. I know it's the right thing to do to tell him, but I am very scared to. Insurance will not cover anything for him if the drain was blocked by something. Also I noticed some minor water damage on some wood panelling in our suite which I am sure he will notice when we move out and do the walk through. My questions are, how can I get this musty odor out of our carpets and prevent mold without doing something drastic? Is there a cleaner I can spray on it? I was thinking maybe baking soda, but that wont dry the underlay of the carpet, and I have tried vinegar and water already, and that made it smell a little better. I also tried febreze, but maybe carpet deodorizer or something? I am concerned about mold, not just in the carpet, but in the walls. Also I am unable to buy or rent a steam cleaner at this time, so that is out of the question. Also can I fix water damage on a wood panelled wall without replacing the whole thing? Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated! Also I am in Canada. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Category: Carpet Post By: CODY FLETCHER (Little Rock, AR), 01/24/2019

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